Concept Vending Machine

This hi-tech vending machine uses a transparent display and touch-screen interface to spice up the experience of selecting your favorite candy bar. The machine is a concept model out of Japan and uses “anonymous facial recognition” to tailor the experience it delivers based on the age and gender of the person standing in front of the machine.

It’s exciting to see experiences like this one being developed, and might give a peak into what’s to come in the next generation of interactive billboards, window displays and so forth. However, despite the machine’s effort to create targeted experiences for each customer, there is room for even deeper personalization of an in-person experience that could be achieved by tapping into a person’s social graph.

NFC’s Potential Role Within Interactive Displays

The emergence of NFC will make it easier for people to seamlessly connect with brands with little more than a tap of their smartphone in the near future. Applications like Google wallet are already refining mobile ad methods that leverage purchasing data recorded by NFC payments via smartphones. Couple mobile wallet data with an increasingly rich social graph that could also be tapped into via an NFC interface and you can start to imagine the kind of powerful experiences that could be served up featuring powerful social cues and purchase recommendations.