Now you can skip the line at your favorite coffee shop

Mobile order and pay for coffee shops isn’t limited to just Starbucks anymore. Now if you skip the line, you won’t be considered “basic” because you’ll be supporting local independent coffee shops with the Joe coffee mobile ordering app.

The free service for independent coffee shops aims to connect coffee lovers with an appreciation for the diversity in philosophy and approaches that the independent coffee scene provides with the independent shops that do it for the love of coffee. The startup is still ramping up their beta program in Seattle and has been making a big impact on coffee shops that are already accepting orders through the app.

Early Partners 

Cafe Avole – Hillman City

Solomon Dubie of Cafe Avole was Joe’s first partner. Avole’s signature drink is a traditionally brewed Ethiopian coffee called Jebena. The shop is not only a community staple, but a perfect embodiment of Joe’s mission – empowering small shops to make a ig impact.

Pilgrim Coffeehouse – North Seattle14354941_1784597771820117_6637274875453491882_n-1
Justin Shaheen, owner of Pilgrim Coffeehouse was the second brave soul to test mobile ordering with Joe. This gem of a shop is humble at first glance, but packs a powerful punch with uniquely sourced beans from Myanmar and Ethiopia.

Check out the app and follow their progress on their Instagram and Facebook page.


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