6 thoughts on “Instagram Prime Social Media Channel For Activism & Politics

  1. I just started to play with Instagram and noticed that I been engaging with different people from my network there.

    As far as politics or any type of social sharing, photos drive more engagement on venues like Facebook and Google+. That’s nothing new, Guy Kawasaki has been preaching about that for a long time.

    Where Instagram does a great job is that it forces you to follow best practices by having to take a picture if you want to participate in their network.

    • Hey Alonso –
      You’re right about photos driving more engagement. That’s not really what I’m trying to highlight here though – what I’m interested in is approaches to cultivating participation in articulating a shared belief, point of view by breaking down what drives engagement and participation in the creation of image-based memes, and how that overlaps with the success Ori had in his movement. The norms of the Instagram platform which trends to more artistic expressions thanks to the built in filters etc. in the platform make it perfect for a targeting a broader set of “creators”. That’s the really interesting piece to me.

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