Tree of Life, Elevating Awareness About Deforestation

(source: ignant)

The “Tree of Life” poster takes a creative approach to raising awareness regarding deforestation and the impact it has on wildlife. From a distance the poster looks like the cross section of a tree trunk. Upon closer inspection you find hundreds of animal silhouettes, and suddenly the poster’s title makes a lot more sense.

What I Love About This

The poster feels like a metaphor. The majority of us don’t rise out of bed each morning pondering how the elimination of broad swaths of woodlands might affect us now or in the future. The topic just doesn’t make the news as often as it should, and most likely we don’t live in an area where we can see it taking place on our daily commute. To understand the impact of deforestation it requires some research and thought. Otherwise it’s out of sight and out of mind.

The poster is the same way. To the casual observer the art looks appealing, but it’s not until you are drawn in by the temptation to count the rings in the picture that you realize the message behind the piece.

There is something powerful about the image’s subtlety. “Save The Rainforest” isn’t seared in scarlet lettering across the stump. Somehow, that makes the message more powerful. When a message is shoved down our throat, like you might expect in an advertisement, it’s usually met with a skeptical eye. As a result, the observer tends to discount the message regardless of how well intentioned the ad happens to be.

In contrast, with art we come in with an open mind. We view the piece out of pleasure, urging us to seek a deeper meaning so we can make sense out of something that, out of context, seems almost absurd.  When the message or purpose comes into focus like it’s like an epiphany emerging from a moment of disorder. We receive itwith an open mind and ultimately it makes an impression that  in-your-face statements can’t match.

Where You Can Snag One

If you want an altruistic conversation piece, this poster can be picked purchased on the Degree website.


2 thoughts on “Tree of Life, Elevating Awareness About Deforestation

  1. HI my name is Gerard I love this poster and what it stands for, can anyone tell me where I could buy a print of this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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