Kickstarter Documentary: The Undocumented

There are literally hundreds of heart-wrenching causes that are worthy of charity. For some reason, the topic of immigration always seems to grab my attention in a huge way. Immigration is at the core of what makes our nation great, but it is also an ongoing point of contention that divides citizens and politicians alike. Regardless of what side of the issue you believe in, it’s important that at some point the discussion goes beyond the statistics and begins looking at the stories that don’t make it into the headlines. It’s easy to get caught up in the politics of immigration and splitting hairs over what the real net impact of immigration is on the economy. It’s also easy to believe that an issue is more simple than it really is. Immigration is a complex issue with a flurry of misconceptions and stereotypes that need to be re-examined. Documentaries such as this one which is being funded via Kickstarter is exactly what we need as a nation to spark the right discussion because it offers some common ground on a polarizing topic. By giving a look into what immigrants risk for a chance to cross into the U.S., it challenges us to ask ourselves what it means to be worthy of a shot at the American dream. I don’t often donate to causes though I know I should. The biggest reason I don’t donate is probably because no matter how noble the cause, it’s a little like throwing money into a black hole; you don’t know what impact it’s going to have. I donated $50 to this project because I believe it has the potential to impact the biggest hurdle for constructive discussions around immigration: perception.

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Documentary: The Undocumented

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